View of the village Truden in South TyrolWoman commits a Kneipp course in Truden in summerMeadow and wonderful trees tainted in yellow autumn colors

Italian Dolomites Hiking: Summer vacation in South Tyrol

The delightfully sunny position prolongs summer feeling by many months

Truden is located on the sunny side of the Alps and is perfect for  summer holiday hiking in the Italian Dolomites of South Tyrol. The extremely fortunate position gifted Truden / Trodena an early spring and a golden autumn. From mid-April to mid-November you can hike in Truden. In this hiking paradise close to  Bolzano during your excursions you will observe fantastic larch forests, flowering meadows and majestic peaks.

The protected flora and fauna in the nature reserve Monte Corno makes your hiking and summer vacation a unique experience for the whole family: From mid-April to mid-November hiking in the natural park "Monte Corno" is a delight, the most diverse flora and fauna of all South Tyrolean Nature Parks awaits you and every walk or each hike will remembered for a long time.