Winding country road with motorcycles surrounded by meadows

Motorcycle in Italy: Pure freedom during your motorcycle holidays

Enjoy a beautiful countryside and magnificent mountain passes

If another date hunts the other or the desk at work is overloaded again, then there is only one thing a real bike lover does: Get on your motorcycle and start into freedom. Motorcycle in Italy, especially in the holiday region Truden in Monte Corno Nature Park, means well-developed and not much traveled winding roads, mountain roads and worldwide unique mountain passes.

Truden, located south of the city of Bolzano, as a starting point provides all the requirements for driving pleasure with asphalt highlights without end. Roads in optimum condition and without tolls let bikers travel up to 300 kilometers a day in easy way. Exciting trails, quaint and cozy rest stops with a unique panoramic view amidst the "most beautiful mountains in the world".

Anyone who wants to follow every kilometer of the motorcycle region of South Tyrol in Italy, the Dolomites around Truden, the Trentino and the Garda lake, will not do be able to achieve this goal in one single motorcycle season. No problem, the Ludwigshof is hosting motorcycle-guests with special love for many years now. You can take your time, therefore, there is plenty of space for uncompromising driving pleasure even in future.